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Business Support

Business Support

Business Support

Do you need an IT Outsourcing company for Small Businesses? If you are looking for ways to manage day to day IT needs, We provide a wide range of IT outsourcing tools and managed IT services to help your entire computing infrastructure in a more efficient and controlled manner.

Outsourcing IT through our services will standardized environment for your business, enabling you to create savings, and help your business to remain competitive in your market.

Complete IT Solution

We offer a Complete Outsourced Solution which makes outsourcing technology simple, manageable, and affordable by providing all of the needed equipment, software, and services for your PC, server, and networking needs. Your end result is one point of contact for your entire IT environment for one low monthly fee. Examples of Business Solutions Services we offer are:



  • Create Images
  • Test Images
  • Purchasing
  • Processes and Streamline
  • Hardware & Software Testing
  • Image Creation
  • Data Back-Ups/ Migration
  • Asset Inventory/Management
  • On-site Installations
  • Training/Walk Thru
Technical Support


  • Remote Support
  • Phone Support
  • On-site Support
  • Incident Tracking
  • Knowledge Base
  • Image Creation
  • Data Back Up's/Migration
  • Asset Inventory/Management
  • On-Site Installations
  • Training/Walk-Thurs
Dispose Training
  • Data Erase
  • Disposal & Recycling
  • Train Users
  • Technical Documents

We also provide Business Support tailored to your business. We can offer only 1 service from our Complete IT Solutions list and tailor it for your company needs with its own S.L.A agreements at a low monthly fee.

Outsourced IT

Outsourcing your managed IT needs allows us to deliver preventative solutions and services to ensure the health of not only your server, network, and PCs, but also for your business. We simplify the network management and server management processes within your computing environment by taking responsibility for and managing the entire computing life cycle as your trusted IT outsourced partner, so you can focus on managing your business.

Small businesses typically struggle to effectively and affordable manage their computing environment. We provide a single technology solution that includes server management, network management, and PC support; our intention is to make outsourcing your IT easier and easier!

Monthly Support

We offer monthly maintenance services for your Small or Medium size business computer related problems. For a low cost monthly fee you can receive service to your machine any time you have a problem. Our monthly Small/Medium size business will also include once a month computer maintenance where we will scan and fix any issues. We will also provide a customized help-desk page for your employers to be able to submit request and chat with an available technician.

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